Common Uses


a. Peripheral Neuropathy
b. Arthritis
c. Restless leg syndrome
d. Athletic recover
e. Fibromyalgia
f. Cellulitis

g. Planter fasciitis
h. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
i. Pulled Muscle recovery
j. Tendinitis.
k. Shin splints.
l. Muscle cramp

m. Broken bones or sprains for faster recovery
n. Veins and Clots
o. Peripheral arterial disease.
p. Peripheral vascular disease

Brain cap

a. Mental Acuity
b. Concussion
d. Stroke

e. TBI
f. CTE
g. MS
h. Early on-Set Dementia

i. Alzheimer’s
j. Parkinson’s
k. Stress/Anxiety

Lumbar/Nerve 440 Pad

a. Lumbar
b. Knee pain
c. Elbow Pain
d. Shoulder
e. Neck pain

f. Chronic body pain
g. Spinal pain
h. Carpal Tunnel
i. TMJ
j. Tendinitis.

k. Arthritis
l. Stress relief
m. Skin Restoration
n. Anti-aging
o. Reducing Surgical recovery time


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Neurocare Pro and its diverse professional team members will always put your interested at the top of the list. Our job does not end when the sale is made, it begins. You can expect high-level ongoing support to not only make incorporating our care verticals and advanced systems into your practice a Turn-key and hassle-free process, but we will always look to improve upon it. We will continue to strive to maintain our elite equipment manufacturer status and will continue to improve our support program and patient acquisition tools and deliver those to you. Our Neurocare Pro and Neurocare Home products are for doctors only and will remain that way indefinitely.

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