Support Program

  • A high-quality PowerPoint presentation for each care vertical for you to use at seminars or webinars.
  • Access to our science library of videos/studies/articles by category.
  • Short videos for your patient to view in your practice to assist you with the sale.
  • Short educational videos for you and or your staff and patients to watch about this technology.
  • Patient Forms.
  • Lifestyle support material.
  • Patient acquisition/marketing program.
  • Customizable prerecorded care vertical webinars for you patients to attend.
  • Training on the use of equipment and on the protocols for the care vertical for you and your staff.
  • No cost for you and one of your staff members to attend our online education/certification course with the purchase of the platinum package.
  • All the equipment you need to set up your in-clinic program is included with the purchase of the care verticals platinum level program.



Our Guarantee

Neurocare Pro and its diverse professional team members will always put your interested at the top of the list. Our job does not end when the sale is made, it begins. You can expect high-level ongoing support to not only make incorporating our care verticals and advanced systems into your practice a Turn-key and hassle-free process, but we will always look to improve upon it. We will continue to strive to maintain our elite equipment manufacturer status and will continue to improve our support program and patient acquisition tools and deliver those to you. Our Neurocare Pro and Neurocare Home products are for doctors only and will remain that way indefinitely.

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Do you have questions about our products?

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