Introducing the most advanced,
powerful and affordable LED
Photobiomodulation (PBM) Systems
for practitioners and patients....

Today's Most Advanced FDA Cleared LED Light Therapy System
Featuring New SMD microchip technology For...

PBM Science

What is photobiomodulation (PBM)
and how does it work?

Our Technology

What is advanced SMD technology
and why is it more effective?

The Benefits

What are the benefits of PBM
and LED Light Therapy?

Who we Are...

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  • NeurocarePro LLC is a manufacturer of Pulsed Light Medical Technology called LED photobiomodulation modular pad systems utilizing special SMD (surface mounted diodes) microchip technology.

  • Neurocare's SMD’s have a much larger spread, with a light emitting angle of 120-degrees (versus 20-degrees of 5mm LEDs), and thus allows further exposure to more beneficial photobiomodualtion light, which equates for a better treatment and results.

  • Neurocare systems are registered FDA-cleared Class ll medical devices at an affordable cost.

  • Neurocare systems are considered elite, and the most powerful, advanced, ergonomic and efficacious systems in the industry.

  • Our systems are modular and unique, utilizing controllers (brain center of our systems) featuring advanced firmware and algorithms that can be customized for targeted therapies.

  • Our systems are easy to operate with no known negative side effects.

  • We have systems for both clinical and in-home use.

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