Made In The USA — REALLY???

Our competitors make a claim they are made in the USA. Well, this may not be what you think it is. Some of our competitors assemble incredibly old technology and cheaply made product in the USA and sell it at a premium price supported by inaccurate claims that it is made/manufactured in the USA.

The truth is that every single component they use to assemble the pads and controllers are made in China. This includes the diodes, neoprene, PCB boards, cables, plastic controller casings and power source are ALL made in China. Yes, it is true they do assemble in the USA and place it in a box.

That is not made in the USA, that is assembled in the USA and that is the reality of it.


Our Guarantee

The Neurocare Systems Group is the largest manufacturer of FDA cleared cosmetic and medical LED light therapy systems in the world. With many years of medical grade LED manufacturing, we produce the most innovative and highest grade light therapy equipment available. One versatile pad system can be used for many clinical applications. All Neurocare Systems therapy devices are FDA Cleared for increased circulation and pain relief. Our manufacturing facility is also ISO certified.

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