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We manufacture, evolve and provide high quality FDA Registered light therapy products (PBM) to consumers & practitioners around the world.

We’ve set the standard in red light therapy innovation, collaborating with medical professionals and refining manufacturing processes to deliver superior products.

Our commitment to excellence ensures we prioritize quality over cost, leading the way in advancing health and wellness technology.

Red Light Therapy Treatments- Cosmetic and Medical

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FDA registered

FDA Registered

Our products are Class II registered medical devices

How & Why It Works?

Ever wonder why it works? Red light therapy is just one of many photobiomudulation areas that show results in pain/rehab healing, cosmetic improvements and chronic pain management.

NeuroCare Pro – Products for Professionals

Our products are FDA Registered Class 2 Medical Devices used by Doctors & treatment centers globally. Are you in medical or pain/health management?

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FDA Registered
Class II Medical Products

Our Founder

David Christenson is the Founder and CEO of Neurocare Pro, serving medical practices across North America. As an expert in the field, David has been a contributing author on the subject of PBM light therapy in various health care publications. He speaks nationally and internationally on the many uses of PBM light therapy, highlighting the research studies done in the areas of brain health, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and chronic pain relief.

Helping lead the way to understanding red light therapy

In addition, David regularly consults with health care professionals on Photobiomodulation Advanced Modalities with an emphasis on business development for medical practices.

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