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Welcome to Neuro Care Pro

Our Founder

David Christenson is the Founder and CEO of Neurocare Pro, serving medical practices across North America. As an expert in the field, David has been a contributing author on the subject of PBM light therapy in various health care publications. He speaks nationally and internationally on the many uses of PBM light therapy, highlighting the research studies done in the areas of brain health, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and chronic pain relief. In addition, David regularly consults with health care professionals on Photobiomodulation Advanced Modalities with an emphasis on business development for medical practices.

The Company

Neurocare Pro LLC was founded with two important goals in mind. First, to create a company offering affordable, efficacious and high-value care verticals for doctors to use as a primary or ancillary  modality with effective support programs. Second, to develop the  most advanced   and efficacious FDA-cleared photobiomodualtion LED systems on the market, made available to doctors treating specific care verticals. We not only met, but exceeded our goals. The Neurocare Pro line is for doctors to use in their clinic, and the Neurocare Home allows doctors to have an exclusive high-quality LED system to sell to their patients.  Neurocare Pro is dedicated to the advancement of the LED Photobiomodualtion equipment segment and the required protocols to use with our systems, so our doctors can deliver the highest efficacy possible to their patients.

The Neurocare Pro and Neurocare Home equipment are FDA-cleared Class ll medical devices and are the most advanced, innovative, and highest-quality light therapy equipment pad & boot systems available on the market. We have produced what our clients deserve — the best and most affordable systems ever built. In our Neurocare Center, the clinicians use our systems on patients every day.  This first-hand experience allows us to confirm and advance the technology, to ensure our doctors have the most advanced systems and efficacious protocols available with which to treat their patient. Because patient results matter!

The Neurocare Pro team is composed of an enthusiastic group of professionals including scientists, researchers, engineers, regulations compliance officers, and qualified professionals, ready to support you, your staff, and your patients.

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