Red light brain and body therapy

Brain & Gut Kit

FDA Registered Class II Medical Devices


Introducing the Brain & Gut Kit, a revolutionary approach to enhancing mental acuity and overall well-being. This pack is specifically designed to harness the powerful connection between the brain and the gut, two critical components of your health that are intrinsically linked.

By treating both simultaneously, the Brain & Gut Kit aims to maximize results, offering a more effective and holistic approach to your wellness journey.

-Brain Fog, TBI’s, Concussion, Dementia, MS, Parkinsons,
-Gastrointestinal issues
-Improving your mental acuity

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Pulsed Frequency Controller

The Difference Maker

The 2 Port Controller is a user-friendly device that ensures seamless operation and adjustment of therapy settings. This controller, the heart of the system, is designed to deliver consistent and effective treatment with every use.

These controllers allow you to target specific treatments and generate pulse frequencies via automatic treatment settings. You receive a frequency chart with settings that can be adjusted as needed.

Pulse technology is central to the effectiveness of Photobiomodulation. The combination of specific wavelengths and pulsing technology delivers effective treatment using established therapeutic frequencies.

Quality Controlled

As the manufacturer, we take pride in ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed FDA registration requirements. We back all our items with a comprehensive 100% warranty from the moment of purchase. Our SMD Diode technology surpasses the outdated through-hole LEDs, which are monochromatic and create tissue voids due to their older design.

Our chips and LEDs are top-of-the-line to guarantee quality and uphold stringent standards for our customers. We often find that many products on the market, while cheaper, are equivalent to mere Christmas lights due to cost-cutting measures by other manufacturers.

Our commitment to delivering the finest products is reinforced by our adherence to FDA standards, coupled with the use of high-end microelectronics and revolutionary pulse frequency controllers, setting us significantly above the competition.

Treatment Success

For over a decade, we have been collaborating closely with doctors and clinics to provide LED products designed for a wide range of medical applications. Our dedication to enhancing patient care through advanced technology has led to significant improvements in treating various conditions across multiple medical specialties.

Through ongoing partnerships with healthcare professionals, we’ve been able to refine our products to meet the specific needs of patients suffering from diverse health challenges. Our LED therapy devices, renowned for their efficacy and reliability, have become trusted tools in many medical practices across the country, addressing issues from pain management to skin conditions, and from wound healing to neurological disorders.

This longstanding commitment to working hand-in-hand with the medical community ensures that we continue to deliver versatile solutions that make a real difference in patients’ lives. Whether it’s accelerating post-surgical recovery, managing chronic pain, or supporting treatment for degenerative conditions, our LED technology is at the forefront of non-invasive therapeutic interventions.

How-To Guides

We have established an online academy designed to educate and empower individuals interested in exploring the benefits of red light therapy. This comprehensive resource offers an array of learning materials, including detailed how-to guides on using our kits and controllers, as well as a wealth of useful information on various light therapy treatments.

Our goal is to provide both beginners and seasoned practitioners with the knowledge they need to effectively utilize our products and maximize their therapeutic potential. The academy serves as a valuable tool for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of light therapy, ensuring they are fully equipped to apply these innovative treatments in a variety of settings.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking to expand your treatment options or a home user aiming to improve your health, our online academy is your gateway to becoming well-versed in the science and application of light therapy.

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