red light therapy package

Platinum Package

FDA Registered Class II Medical Devices


Discover the transformative power of Red Light Therapy, our premium FDA Class II medical device, expertly crafted to elevate the standards of healing and wellness in professional practices. This innovative system is embedded with our latest SMD technology, utilizing polychromatic light waves intricately woven into advanced microchip sets.

What You Get:

-A versatile 6-Port Controller, adaptable for various treatments.
-A specially designed Brain Cap, catering to cranial therapies.
-Two expansive Body Pads, ensuring comprehensive body coverage.
-A Set of Thigh High Boots, perfect for full-lower body treatment.

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red light therapy package


The Platinum Package offers full thigh treatment versus the Gold package and is equipped with state-of-the-art controllers and finely tuned algorithms, along with pre-set pulse rates, all designed to efficiently channel healing frequencies and photons deep into the body.

This setup is a game-changer in enhancing blood circulation and stimulating the production of nitric oxide. It adeptly vasodilates the peripheral vascular system while increasing ATP production.

These processes are crucial in activating the body’s inherent healing mechanisms, making the Platinum Package a potent tool in your healthcare arsenal. Moreover, its effectiveness in promoting angiogenesis and neurogenesis offers a powerful approach to addressing neuropathic challenges, placing the Practitioner Pro in a league of its own.

Use the Best

Integrate the Neurocare Pro into your practice and witness a transformative growth in your business. The Neurocare Pro, a cutting-edge red light therapy system, is not just a tool for health improvement; it’s a gateway to expanding your service offerings and enhancing client satisfaction. By incorporating this advanced technology into your treatments, you can attract a broader clientele seeking innovative, non-invasive solutions for their health concerns.

Investing in the Neurocare Pro is not just an investment in a piece of equipment; it’s an investment in the growth and differentiation of your practice. It’s an opportunity to provide unparalleled care, attract a diverse patient base, and establish your business as a go-to destination for cutting-edge therapeutic treatments.

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