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Joint Care Kit

FDA Registered Class II Medical Devices


Introducing the “Joint Care Kit” – a comprehensive solution for those seeking effective joint care, encompassing knees, elbows, shoulders, lumbar, and spine. This kit is meticulously designed to cater to various joint-related concerns, providing relief and support where it’s needed most.

The Joint Care Kit stands out as an all-encompassing solution for joint health. Whether you’re dealing with the wear and tear of daily activities, sports injuries, or the challenges of aging joints, this kit is designed to address a wide range of needs. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to maintain or improve their joint health, providing targeted care for key areas of concern.

Great For: Joint care, knees, elbows, shoulders, lumbar & spine.

It’s also the perfect pad to utilize with our controller’s cosmetic setting!

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Central to the Joint Care Kit is the innovative 2 Port Controller, a sophisticated and user-friendly device that ensures precise and tailored treatment. This advanced controller is the driving force behind the kit, enabling you to target specific areas with accuracy and ease, leading to more effective outcomes.

Included in the kit are 2 specialized Body Pads, engineered to provide focused care for the lower back area. These pads are particularly beneficial for those experiencing discomfort in the lumbar region and spine, areas often neglected in traditional joint care approaches.

The Body Pads’ design and technology cater specifically to the unique needs of the lower back, offering soothing relief and support.

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