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Neurocare Pro is fueled by a deep-seated passion and commitment to develop, support, and enlighten the world about the advantages of LED Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy systems.

Our approach begins with distinguishing our offerings from the myriad of toys and Christmas light products commonly found online.

Quality vs Hype - Who to Choose From?

Experts vs Hype: In today's online marketplace, there's an overwhelming influx of LED and Light Therapy products, with even celebrities endorsing and selling these items amidst the growing hype.

At Neurocare Pro, our mission transcends mere product selling. Our roots are deeply planted in years of hands-on experience with patients, doctors, and professional practitioners. We've dedicated ourselves to developing tools, techniques, and systems that not only deliver results but excel in their effectiveness.

Our commitment to quality begins with our product construction. We collaborated closely with our engineers to refine every detail, ensuring our Advanced Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) technology - encompassing 660nm, 810nm, and 850nm diodes - optimally penetrates bones, deep and shallow tissues, and the skin surface.

These innovations stem from countless hours of treatment refinement, patient interactions, and invaluable feedback from clinics on what truly works.

From our red light therapy products to our intricate knowledge in fine-tuning frequencies and controllers, we are continuously enhancing the impact of our light therapy treatments.

Unfortunately, the surge in the popularity of red light therapy products has its downsides. For many, it's merely a profit-making venture, with a focus on buying low and selling high, often on platforms like Amazon.

Neurocare Pro comes from product experts who have worked AND continue to work in perfecting the best delivery of treatment solutions with light therapy.

We aim to enlighten and educate about the remarkable benefits of red light therapy and LED products. Unlike our competitors, we delve into the nuances of our hardware, differentiating between standard LEDs and the sophisticated technology we use, as well as explaining the differences in continuous wave vs pulse rates and their effects on treatment outcomes.

We prefer to focus on quality over quantity. Our goal is to provide genuine relief and effective treatment through our products and services, rather than just saturating the market.

If you have any questions about our offerings, we encourage you to reach out. Your inquiries are crucial for us to continually find solutions that benefit everyone.

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