Special Financing Offer

The first 6 payments at $99 and then the remaining 54 payments are regular payments.

NO down payment

NO prepayment penalties or future interest charges at time of pay off

Offer is good until September 30th 2021

Financing through NCMIC

  1. We finance all professions and business types.
  2. We offer loans to your customer and they can pay the loan off at any time without penalty, future interest charges, or additional fees.
  3. We do not report to credit bureaus, as long as the customer pays the loan, so the loan will not affect your customer’s personal line of credit.
  4. No blanket liens.
  5. No down payments.
  6. Electronic signatures so your customer is not required to mail in the original loan documents.
  7. 12 to 60 month terms.
  8. 90 day deferred payments.
  9. 2 hour credit approval.
  10. Same-day documents.
  11. We also have a great solution for tougher credit types as well.
  12. We offer unsecured loans for your customer to finance, service, supplies, buildouts, etc.
  13. Your customer may be able to take advantage of the Section 179 IRS tax deduction right now instead of waiting until taxes are filed? If your customer pays quarterly tax estimates, their CPA may be able to adjust their estimated payments for the rest of the year by taking into account a new equipment purchase. This could free up additional cash flow to make up to 16 months of future equipment payments.


Our Guarantee

Neurocare Pro and its diverse professional team members will always put your interested at the top of the list. Our job does not end when the sale is made, it begins. You can expect high-level ongoing support to not only make incorporating our care verticals and advanced systems into your practice a Turn-key and hassle-free process, but we will always look to improve upon it. We will continue to strive to maintain our elite equipment manufacturer status and will continue to improve our support program and patient acquisition tools and deliver those to you. Our Neurocare Pro and Neurocare Home products are for doctors only and will remain that way indefinitely.

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