Neuropathy Arms And Legs

Comprehensive Therapy for Neuropathy Pain—Feet and Hands
With Optional Circulation Support Pad Placements

Boot 122 pads used alone will address most neuropathy pain. However, many patients can benefit from additional supportive pad placements
Boot 122 Pads
– Use strapped down the back of the calves and across the bottom of the feet
– Also use folded around the foot and ankle like a “boot” for more concentration on the foot
Local 132 Pad or alternately the Boot/122
– Lumbar area over L4/5
– Groin on both sides at the femoral arteries and over lymph glands, lymph and blood circulation
– Thighs for circulation
For Neuropathy in the Hands
– For the hand and forearms –rest the hand and wrist on the Local 132 pad for 10 minutes
– Use the Local 132 pad on the cervical and upper thoracic area for 20 minutes. Also support circulation
in lymph areas if edema is present: over the collarbone and under arm areas.
– HINT: Strap the strap to itself, not the pad. Connect the gripper end of the strap to the loopy side of the
strap instead of attaching directly to the pad forming a loop—it is easier to remove.

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