Phototherapy Promotes Healing Of Chronic Diabetic Leg Ulcers That Failed To Respond To Other Therapies

Article Summary

This study investigated the effectiveness of combined 660 and 890 nm LED phototherapy in promoting the healing of diabetic leg ulcers that did not respond to previous treatments.

A double-blind randomized placebo controlled study was conducted on 23 diabetic leg ulcers in 14 patients. Group one received placebo phototherapy, while group two received a higher dose of phototherapy.

The results showed that the ulcers in group two had significantly higher granulation and healing rates at various time points compared to the placebo group. By day 90, 58.3% of group two ulcers had fully healed, while only one ulcer in the placebo group had healed fully. This study concludes that combined 660 and 890 nm light can effectively promote rapid granulation and healing of diabetic ulcers that did not respond to other treatments.

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