Why Red Light Therapy Panels & Lamps Don’t Work: Insights from Neurocare Pro

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After years of clinical operations and collaborating with health professionals, we at Neurocare Pro have encountered thousands of patients. We’ve worked with every type of Photobiomodulation (PBM) device imaginable and continue to test new products as they hit the market. Our primary goal has always been to offer credible, efficacious solutions in light therapy, rather than prioritizing profit. This commitment has led us to a clear conclusion: red light therapy panels simply don’t work as they should, and here’s why we will never manufacture them.

The Misguided Science Behind Panels

The concept behind red light therapy panels and lamps is straightforward and, unfortunately, flawed. The idea is to turn on a red light and drive extremely high power through it in hopes of replicating the results that the nuanced science of photobiomodulation has achieved. Because the concept of jacking up power (measured in joules) is straightforward and marketable, it creates a demand that pressures manufacturers to produce devices that are not just overpowered but potentially harmful.

The Problem with High Radiance and Continuous Waves

Unlike medical-grade devices that are meticulously designed for safety and efficacy, panels often boast extremely high radiance and operate on a continuous wave basis. This approach is a significant departure from the pulsed wave technology that is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the industry. Manufacturers of panels confuse duty cycles with actual pulsed wave frequency, leading to devices that lack the subtle but crucial benefits of true pulsing light therapies.

The Inefficacy of Distance and Power

One of the most critical flaws of panels is the physics of light penetration. For every inch the light source is from your skin, the effectiveness and penetration of the therapy decrease dramatically. With panels or lamps, you are typically far away from the source, diminishing potential benefits. Even if you were to place a panel directly against the skin, the fact that it operates as a continuous wave and requires escalated power levels is far from ideal. More isn’t always better, as is evident in nature—too much water can be harmful, and similarly, too much high-powered light can be detrimental, moving dangerously close to the type of lamps used to keep hamburgers warm in fast-food restaurants.

Photonic Permeation vs. Power

At Neurocare Pro, we understand that it’s not about sheer power—it’s about photonic permeation. Effective red light therapy involves precise control over light penetration, which is not achievable with the crude mechanisms of panels and lamps. This nuanced approach ensures that treatments are safe, effective, and aligned with the body’s natural processes.

The Unregulated Wild West of Red Light Therapy

Unfortunately, the red light therapy industry is largely unregulated, which allows for rampant misinformation and dubious marketing practices. Many companies base their promotional materials on a single piece of literature without any substantial field or clinical trials or firsthand experience. This has led to manufacturers developing products based on second-hand internet research, rather than genuine scientific inquiry. The result? Products that are marketed well but perform poorly.

You don’t have to look far to see the countless subpar products flooding the red light therapy market. 😱👎

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It’s unfortunate that marketplaces have flooded the internet with red light panels and lamps that have zero benefit. We live in a world dominated by social Media, misinformation, and marketplaces online like Amazon who don’t care what is sold as long as they make a percentage.

Our Position & What to Know

At Neurocare Pro, we are committed to advancing the field of light therapy through genuine innovation and proven results. We refuse to manufacture lamps or panels because they simply do not meet our standards for effectiveness or safety. We believe in delivering treatments that are not only effective but also founded on real scientific principles and ethical considerations. We encourage you to look beyond the hype and choose solutions that truly make a difference to your health and well-being.

Remember, in the world of health innovation, more power does not necessarily mean more effectiveness. Choose wisely, choose science, choose Neurocare Pro

Get Educated on Photobiomodulation

While light therapy equipment represents cutting-edge technology in photobiomodulation, it’s important to understand that it’s not a magic bullet. The human body is a complex interconnected system, and optimal results from light therapy depend on various factors including your personal health goals, diet, hydration levels, and proper application protocols.

This is why we consistently recommend consulting with health professionals trained in photobiomodulation. These experts can provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and health conditions.

Recognizing the growing interest in red light therapy, we’re committed to educating the general public. We’re developing comprehensive courses, how-to guides, and protocols to help individuals better understand and effectively use red light therapy products. These resources will include general guidelines for safe and effective application, empowering users with knowledge while still emphasizing the value of professional medical advice.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between advanced technology and informed usage, ensuring that users can maximize the benefits of our products while maintaining a holistic approach to their health and wellness. Remember, while our technology is powerful, it’s most effective as part of a broader, well-rounded approach to health that considers all aspects of your lifestyle and wellbeing.

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