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How Do Our Controllers Compare To The Competition?

The 6-port Neurocare Pro controller unit is cutting edge technology and utilizes the most advanced firmware ever on the market. This controller features 13 preset pulse rate settings. The 6-port also offers you the ability to set it to any pulse rate frequency you require from 1-9999 by simply pressing the + and – buttons. This wide range of pulse rates offers tremendous flexibility as you expand treating other inflictions.

This 6-port controller is only sold to doctors and is not available to patients or other non-medical users.

The Neurocare Home 2-port controller

The Neurocare Home 2-port controller unit shown above is a highly advance controller and is substantially more advanced than any other home use controller on the market, excluding the Neurocare Pro 6 port, and is sold with the Neurocare Home 364 Calf High boots, brain cap and lumbar pad systems for home use.

You now have AN EXCLUSIVE TO DOCTORS line of LED photobiomodulation systems that offers a highly advanced professional system for your practice and a highly advanced home systems for you to sell to your patient’s for home use.

It is well known that our competitors will sell their product through doctors, reps and even directly to your patients who are looking for a lower cost. So, when you offer a care package to your patients, these patients can do an easy internet search and buy these same pads from a sales rep or the company directly at a dramatically reduced cost. Anybody with a website and cell phone are authorized reps. Neurocare Pro will not sell the Neurocare Pro or Neurocare Home to any non-medical professional.

Why are the Neurocare Pro products the best choice for you LED system?

For the first time ever, a manufacturer is focused on protecting your efforts with two different lines that are available to doctors only Advanced firmware in our controllers.

SMD technology microchip technology in our pads, boots and brain cap. Our boots and pads are the most powerful on the market. The boots cover the largest amount of tissue per session on the market.

Robust support program for you, your staff and your patients.

We are focused on protecting your efforts with two different lines that are available to doctors only.

Neurocare Systems has been manufacturing equipment and supplying medical professional with the finest USA designed and engineered product available and we just took it up a notch with our Neurocare Pro and Neurocare Home systems.

You will now have access to the best system in the world with the only polychromatic podiatry thigh high 442 boot system on the market for your practice and the second-best polychromatic calf high 364 podiatry boot to sell to your patients

Neurocare Systems operates a Pulsed Neurocare center to work with live patients to develop effective care verticals by using our advanced equipment and refined protocols on live patients to further advance the technology as well as our protocols.

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